Deal with the Devil Release

Proud to annouce that 'Deal with the Devil' will be available for digital release soon on 7the July (07/07!)! You will be able to purchase it digitally on outlets such as iTunes, Apple, Amazon or stream it on Spotify. Recorded at Sonic One Studios, Wales, the home of my genius friend Tim Hamill, it has a totally stripped back vibe with only the beautiful grand piano (so wish I had one!) and lead vocal. Would love to hear any feedback! Please check it out!


Thrilled to annouce that my debut EP 'Luminous will be released digitally next week on 26th June 2017! It will be available on iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and pretty much all the digital outlets! Very proud to describe it as a collection of songs from my travels and experiences so far, and about some of the beautiful people in my life, especially a song for my fantastic husband, 'Luminous' and my two amazing children, 'Find Your Own Real.' I really hope that you enjoy this acoustic collection of songs, very piano led, and I would love to hear any feedback you have ...... or any...

Luminous Release

Delighted to annouce that 'Luminous' will be digitally released on iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and loads of other distributing outlets on May 26th! So exciting to have the lead single from the forthcoming EP hitting the world! Many thanks to my genius friend, Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studios, Wales, for his amazing sound engineering and co-production of this single. We will also be releasing a video in the near future, which was filmed in the spectacular and historic Stradey Castle, Wales.