Great Grandfathers who are pirates, pretty seaside towns and magical unicorns are some of the wonders you'll encounter in this lyrically colourful collection of pop and reggae songs on J Edna Mae's debut children's album to be digitally pre-released on 11/11/19 and released world wide on 19/11/19.  You'll almost taste the 'hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream' and hear the sea in the everyday moments described in these beautiful songs, which are highly appealing to both children and adults alike.  Designed for children aged 5 - 11 years old, these songs are meant to nuture and enhance well-being and confidence in children.

J Edna Mae is a passionate believer in the power of music and the joy it can bring to children's lives.  Her vast teaching experience, both in the UK and overseas, can be heard in each one of these captivating songs.  'Bounce!' has been a wonderful family affair as J Edna Mae is joined by her incredibly amazing children, who sing and rap fantastically through pop, reggae and ballads!   


This very special eclectic group of songs grew out of her Doctoral research on music and emotion and aims to nurture well-being, self esteem and confidence in children.  Most suitable for  children ages 5 to 11 years old they are super fun to sing and dance to but each song has a stong message which can help children negotiate the 21st Century demands of the world around them.  

For example, in the song 'Bounce!' children learn about coping with cyber bullying by telling themselves 'I'm in charge of the way that I feel!'.  In the story song 'Walk the Plank' the message is simply, have a go at something and don't worry too much if you're going to be brilliant or absolutely no good at all, just take a chance and don't overthink it.  'Giant' deals with feelings of anxiety in children and teaches them to take lots of small steps, praising them and telling them they 'can be a giant standing on a mountain top'.  


The 'Bounce!' album is also designed to be used as a learning tool in the school environment, particularly in subjects like personal and social education, creative writing, language development, and of course music and movement.  Some songs have also been designed for children to play along to on the ukulele, which is a fantastic and accessible instrument for children this age to learn.  In fact, Professor Susan Hallam, MBE ( ) fully endorses J Edna Mae's creative approaches to music in education, which she describes as ''promoting learning, well-being and creativity in all children, especially those children who are presenting with social, emotional and behavioural difficuties."


Although not released yet, some of the tracks on Bounce!' have already won a prestigious Global Music Award, and a lyrics nomination in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2019!  So enjoy the sugary pop, bounce and rap to the reggae, laugh, smile clap and whistle along with the pop, and sometimes find a quiet corner to listen to some gentle acoustic guitar strumming

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