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J Edna Mae is a passionate believer in the power of music and the joy it can bring to children's lives.  Her vast teaching experience both in the UK and overseas, combined with her Doctoral research into music and education, from the University of Bath, can be heard in each one of these captivating songs.  One magical component that J Edna Mae discovered in children's music, was the joy that children feel when they hear other children sing!  So she has always invited young performers to join her in singing the songs she writes for children.

'Bounce!' and 'Glitter is Litter!' have both been wonderful family affairs as J Edna Mae is joined by her incredibly amazing children, Josh & Luke, and also by the awesome Ava Zeta Jones (one of J Edna Mae's talented students), who was only 5 years old when she sang 'Glitter is Litter!'  They all sing and rap fantastically through pop, reggae, ballads and EDM! 

So sing, dance, clap, laugh, rap & whistle your way round these awesome songs and enjoy!


‘Glitter is Litter!’ EP

Mythical mermaids, divers, rain dances and secrets of a rainbow are some of the fascinations you will encounter in this EP! Released on United Nations World Children’s Day, November 20, 2020, J Edna Mae is joined by her 2 awesome sons, Josh & Luke, and the wonderful Ava Zeta Jones in singing these colourful, fun songs. 

Designed for children ages 4 to 11 years old, it is their sincere hope that these songs encourage a love and appreciation of our amazing planet Earth and also the importance of taking care of our environment.  They debuted on Sirius XM Children's Radio and received a mention in PEOPLE MAGAZINE and HELLO MAGAZINE thanks to Ava's famous aunty, Catherine Zeta Jones.  The whole team are honoured and thrilled to announce that have also recently received a nomination in the 2022 Josie Music Awards for BEST EP OF THE YEAR, and are planning to travel to Nashville for the awards ceremony in October 2022.

'GLITTER IS LITTER' has 5 eclectic tracks, that range from pop, to reggae, to rock to acoustic:

GLITTER IS LITTER, which tells the story of a little mermaid and her diver friend who sees her crying because plastic is in her 'fins and gills....everywhere'

DANCE FOR THE RAIN, inspired by the 2020 bush fires in Australia, this songs pays tribute to the Australian Aboriginal Rain Dance and encourages a respect for water.

COWDY is a thank you so to the marvellous creature - a cow - that gives us her milk and cheese and cream.  The catchy reggae song sings 'thank you' in 15 languages, making it a fun and educational song to join in with!

SECRETS OF A RAINBOW looks at the magic of a rainbow through the eyes of a child, wondering where it hides when we can't see it, and what it sounds like.  It is a song about admiring and appreciating the beauty of nature all around us.

WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND THE EARTH encourages us all to reduce, re-use and re-cycle, and tells us we don't need fast fashion and bling but to 'wear the light of a beautiful day'.

Co-written with Susan Muranty, produced by Tim Hamill with stunning art-work by Fernando Juarez, you can listen here:



‘Bounce!’ Album

Great Grandfathers who are pirates, pretty seaside towns and magical unicorns are some of the wonders you'll encounter in this lyrically colourful collection of pop and reggae songs on J Edna Mae's debut children's album released world wide on 19/11/19.  You'll almost taste the 'hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream' and hear the sea in the everyday moments described in these beautiful songs, which are highly appealing to both children and adults alike. 

Designed for children aged 5 - 11 years old, these songs grew out of her Doctoral research on the impact of music education on young children and they are meant to nurture and enhance well-being and confidence in children.  The album has 12 eclectic songs on it, that range from pop, to reggae, to acoustic:

BOUNCE - encourages children to realise that they are in charge of their feelings, and not to let the opinion or mean words of others upset them

TRAIL OF KIND - is a fable about a little unicorn who learns that kindness is very important

KIND KIDS - an awesome question and answer chant!

DREAMING TREES - a story about being with a grandparent and taking time to just 'be'

BEAUTIFUL DAY - a song inspired by J Edna Mae's doctoral finding that children can consciously and activley chose to change their mood, this song encorages children to go outside and enjoy a beautiful day. 

GIANT is a song about living with anxiety, and sings that 'you can be a giant standing on a mountain top,' and just to take things 'one step at a time'

SEESAW PROBLEMS uses seesaw imagery to get across the idea that problems come and go

UNDERCOVER is about online safety

WALK THE PLANK is a song about take a chance, things don't have to be perfect, just have a go

BELIEVE sings about believing in yourself

HOME INSIDE YOU is about doing what makes you happy and this will give you confidence

WEAR CANDY IN YOUR HAIR is about being yourself

Silver Medal winner in the prestigious Global Music Awards and a nomination for Best Children’s Song in both the IMA Awards and Hollywood Media in Music Awards.

You can listen here:



J Edna Mae is also available for BOOKING!

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Available for Special Events • School Engagements • Library Performances • Private Sing Alongs • Birthday Parties 

J Edna Mae is a very experienced educator and music leader who brings joy, fun and engagement to young audiences everywhere! Her dynamic and interactive performance will have families engaged from the first note through the last. 

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