• multi award-winning Welsh singer songwriter

  • Debut album 'PAUSE' described as 'a piece of sonic art'

  • Family Friendly EP 'Glitter is Litter!' streaming world wide!

  • 'Bounce!' debut children's album now available everywhere!

Singer songwriter, J Edna Mae, crafts beautifully constructed lyrics, captivating piano hooks that weave through ethereal vocal arrangements and glide over atmospheric cinematic productions.  Her expressive voice and expansive vocal range is emotive and mesmerizing in equal measures.  Influenced by Kate Bush, Billie Eilish and Chopin, her songs are described as 'pieces of sonic art' by hit songwriter Mark Cawley, and as 'music that is absolutely incredible' by James Threlfall, BBC Radio Presenter.

Emerging from Wales, UK, this multi award winning, classically trained musician is a traveller at heart, having lived in Asia for years.  There she did all sorts of marvellous things like dive with pelagic sharks in Black Rock Burma, trek in the mountainous Golden Triangle and experience the sun rise over Cambodia’s wondrous Angkor Wat.

Signed to several boutique synch agencies, J Edna Mae has written 4 EP’s and 2 full length albums to date.  Currently writing and producing her third full length album, which promises to be her most emotional, atmospheric, cinematic album to date.


Absolutely thrilled to hear over the weekend that I am an official 2022 Josie Music Award nominee!!!  There were 52,442 submissions this year and just over 1% received a nomination!!!!  As you know, it takes a...