Great American Song Contest

Delighted that one of my children's songs 'Bounce' has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious Great American Song Contest's Special Music category! Awesome to be among the contest's top writers!

Well done to my two beautiful boys for singing and rapping your hearts out!! I am so proud of you both!

This bouncy reggae song has a powerful anti bullying message, and I wrote it for children to sing and dance to. Thanks so much to the organisers of the contest for the following amazing feedback:

'this song has impressive qualities that are...

Global Music Award 2017

Global Music Award 2017

Delighted to have won a silver medal in the presitigious Global Music Awards in Amercia. So thrilled to be given this award from the top tier global music competition for my children's songs EP 'Bounce!'. Massive thanks to Thomas Baker, founder and CEO of the Global Music Awards for this great honour.

I am so very proud of my two beautiful boys who sang and rapped their hearts out for this brilliant project. Also, can't thank my genius friend Tim Hamill, at Sonic One Studios, Llanelli, Wales, enough for his amazing input in co-production and sound...

Global Music Award 2017