So thrilled that I am a double nominee in this year's Hollywood Music in Media Awards!! One of the nominations is for my artist song 'PERFECT IMPERFECT' and is nominated for BEST SINGERSONGWRITER!! The other is for a little fable from my soon to be released debut children's album 'BOUNCE!' and is called 'TRAIL OF KIND'.

I am so utterly deligted and humbled by these nominations! Huge thanks to Brent Harvey, director of this prestigious organisation, and to the incredible advisory board that includes living legends such as Diane Warren!

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards™ (...


Below are the lyrics for my children's fable "Trail of Kind' , which is going to feature on my debut children's album 'Bounce!'. It's a captivating story about an unkind little unicorn who learns a few lessons from Rain and Thunder whenever she is unkind or impolite! Huge thanks to the beautiful singers who got involved with this important project and brought these lyrics to life!!

It is more essential than ever that we all appreciate kindness, and that children and young adults understand the value of kindness from a young age, because kindness and empathy help us to relate to...