Deal with the Devil

Delighted that 'Deal with the Devil' is receiving so much interest! It has received quite a few awards so far, notably including SINGER UNIVERSE, GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD, and a FINALIST PLACING in the prestigious UK Songwriting Competition, a global internationally recognised competition based in the UK. It received radio play last month, where it featured on rotation on Women of Substance's 'What's on my iPod' New Music show at the end of April, 2017. Also, later this month it will feature in Women of Substance special Award Winning Podcast Episode 630, along with lots of other excellent indie...

Debut on WOSRadio

'Luminous' Makes Women Of Substance Radio Debut!

Luminous is making its radio debut this month, featuring on rotation on 'What's on my iPod' New Music show. You can listen at:

So proud to have 'Luminous' promoted on this online radio station! It'll also feature in one of the show's Award Winning podcasts, Episode 621, release date May 22nd 2017. Many thanks to Bree Noble, founder and host of the Women of Substance Radio for supporting indie artists like myself.