J Edna Mae's second EP release - 'White noise' - is another collection of 5 beautifully crafted, piano led, ethereal songs.  Recorded at Sonic One Studios in South Wales, this acclaimed EP is gorgeously produced and has touches of world instrumentation such as inclusion of the Thai Khim and Balinese Gamelan.  It contains layers of lush vocal harmonies, and wonderful combinations of instrumental textures, such as merging orchestral timpani drums and plucked strings with electric guitar and mandolin.  These songs are described as having a fresh and original sound, reminiscent of Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor and Kate Bush with the musical sensitivity of Enya. Released on all major platforms on  09/09/18, you can click on this link to hear them on Spotify:


'White Noise' has already won much praise from the music community, with 'A Thousand Suns' winning the 2017 American Indie International Competition and receiving a nomination in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2018.  'Perfect Imperfect' was on rotation on Belter Radio throughout the first half of 2019, included in the award winning Women of Substance podcast episode #922 and in November 2019, it won J Edna Mae BEST SINGER SONGWRITER at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in Hollywood.  

Here's what some industry professionals have had to say about this collection of songs: 

.....about Perfect Imperfect

'I love this song!  My 15 year old daughter loves this song!  Very impressive voice, with strong vocal range and lyrics.  The arrangement is excellent!'

(Cortez Farris, platinum engineer & producer, credits inc. Whitney Houston, Black Eyed Peas & many more)

'Breathtakingly beautiful and moving, fab vocals, great song!'

(Jonathan Le Vay, Musician & Theatre Curator)

.....about 'A Thousand Suns'

'The dramatic chorus comes across stunningly'

(Great American Song Contest)

......and lastly, J Edna Mae's very favourite comment about the whole collection:

'I love your new songs, Edna!  They make me dream and fly away to another world!'

(Composing4U, Musician)

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