I am so delighted to let you guys know that I released my DEBUT singer songwriter ALBUM called ‘PAUSE’ on March 26, 2021!  Now streaming world-wide on all platforms!! I am so, so proud of these songs and can’t wait for you to hear them!

Many of these tracks were written during lockdown when I had a great deal of time on my hands and my mind to just…. think. So many powerful memories came flooding through, and also so much gratitude filled my heart for the amazing people in my life. It was a busy period of song writing for me, as I poured all of these thoughts and feelings onto paper and the piano, with the help of my friend, the awesome Mick Evans.  Within a year, these musings were developed into a collection of 11 songs that reflected our truth, and our influences in a blend of productions from sparce acoustic to full on cinematic, some with layers of ethereal vocal harmonies, piano hooks, rhythmic bass lines and all with unfiltered honest emotion.  We wanted people to feel something when they listened to each and every one of these songs.  We wanted to move people.  To help them confront memories and lay them to rest.  To help them look for the wonders in the life they lead now.

The title track ‘PAUSE’ is the pivotal track of the album, and it describes the eerie life that the enforced lockdowns caused for so many of us: 

‘Empty street life, Just the blue lights.

Put your love on hold, alone in the dark.

No touch – no kiss, Life behind glass bars.

Days full of strangers, but pain knows who we are’

Other songs are about some kind of pause in our lives….such as to remember a lost love (FUNNY HOW), lost friendship (WAITING), making a promise to ourselves to live life to the full every day (LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE), to feel romantic and sexy (HELL I CAN BURN), a promise to re-build our lives and not give up or give in any more (BUILD)…..and so on.  These emotive songs portray a feeling, a promise made to ourselves and to loved ones (CARRY YOU) ……that I think many of us can identify with

Mick and I are so thrilled with the amazing positive response this album has had so far. James Threlfall, BBC Radio presenter as ‘music that is absolutely incredible’ and hit song writer Mark Cawley described it as follows:

"I’ve been a fan of the two creative forces behind the music on “PAUSE” since I first met them.  J Edna Mae’s gorgeous, ethereal, haunting voice and keyboard style paired with Mick Evans extraordinary lyrics have made for an album of equal parts beautiful soundscapes and unique story telling. The result is like the best part of two voices creating something bigger than the sum of its parts, a piece of sonic art”.

FACE TO THE SUN, entered the UK Singer Songwriter Charts on iTunes at an amazing number 8! LOVE SWEET LOVE gained a nomination in the prestigious Hollywood Media in Music Awards in the acoustic category!  Many of the songs have enjoyed BBC radio play across several UK stations.  We are so grateful to each and every one of you for your support, and for listening. Huge love to our awesome producer Tim Hamill, who was also our acoustic, electric and bass guitarist!  You are a genius! Stay safe all, much love, J Edna Mae x