Will Fernandez

Friday, September 17, 2021


So delighted to be working with and mentoring the incredibly talented, up and coming, young vocalist Will Fernandez!  I have known Will for many years, first meeting him in one of the international schools in Thailand where I was Head of Music.  Will won the lead role in several of the musicals we put on in the school's magnificent 500 tiered seated auditorium.  He was always an outstanding talent!

Will has strong Asian and Welsh roots, with his dad coming from the Rhondda Valley in Wales and his mum was from the Philipinnes.  He was born in the Philipinnes and has lived there, Thailand, Malaysia, and more recently Wales.  He is currently studying animation at Cardiff University, in Wales, U.K.

Very tragically, Will lost his mum to cancer in 2020, during the covid pandemic.  His mum, Alona , was a personal friend of our family, and we are all devastated by her loss.  Will's debut single, 'Parang Parola' is a tribute to his beautiful mum, and although Alona is now at rest, he firmly believes that she is still in his life, guiding him through. As he raps in the track: 

'But I know it’s gonna be alright cos you’ll always be the golden light

 guiding me through the storm

And even when I think all hope is lost and faith is gone

you still give me the strength I need to carry on

like a lighthouse, guiding me home'

The title of the track, 'Parang Parola' is in the Tagalog dialect and it means 'Like a light house'.  Tagalog is the central Philipinne language, and the primary language of Manila, meaning "river dweller," and was declared the first official language of the country. It was Alona's first language, and Will's second language.  

Parang Parola is an electronic pop / rap and both Will and I can't wait to share it with you!!!  Written and recorded in my home studio, 'Parang Parola' was then magically transformed into an incredible track by the equally young and talented producer, Dai Griff, from Swansea.  This track has an awesome upbeat and optimistic vibe, assuring us that our loved ones are always with us, no matter what.  It has an incredible energy and vibe......we think you'll love it!!!

Due for release on October 22nd, watch this space for the pre-save links!

Will Fernandez
debut single