No.2 iTunes Charts!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Incredible to wake up this morning and find out my amazing friend Susan Muranty and I are NUMBER 2 in the Australian Singer-Songwriter Charts!!!! 

Recorded in Wales with our genius friend Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studios and finished in Sydney NEW SOUTH Wales at Love Hertz Studios with the equally amazing Matt Fell & perfectly mastered by Adrian Hannan from Songstore. An amazing WELSH project lol!

The lyrics portray feelings about the terrible bushfires that ravaged country Australia early this year - and now of course we have the pandemic ... as Susan says on her post today:

“we are locked down in our various countries all over the world, but we still look up to that one big blue borderless sky we all share and see that we are one ”

I am playing Tim's beautiful grand piano & Susan is singing her heart out...... you can download the song by following this link ......…/the-sky-is-my-countr…/1506479072…

Here's a pic taken last November in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards with the two of us all glammed up!  Hard to get a new celebratory pic as we both live on different continents!

I hope you love it as much as we do!!! Thank you all lovely people for your support x