Sunday, November 13, 2022

I am often being asked for a fuller biographical account of who I am, and what I have done in my career. It's not easy to condense all the different strands of me and my work into an easy-to-read couple of paragraphs, but for those of you who would like a longer version of me......check this out!

I have two beautiful boys and a fantastic husband but they prefer to be out of all my social activity!  Obviously being a mum and wife has profoundly affected who I am as a person and a songwriter, and many of my songs are about the wonderful boys in my life.  I have included one of my fav pics of my gorgeous boys here though, when they were younger......one proud mama!!!

I would love any comments or questions that you may have, so please just contact me via my email if you'd like to:  info@jednamae.co.uk


Love, Jx   



Dr Jill Thomas is a multi-award-winning singer songwriter, educator, musician, composer, traveller and mother.  Known professionally as J Edna Mae, she crafts beautifully constructed lyrics, captivating piano hooks that weave through ethereal, layered, vocal arrangements and glide over atmospheric, cinematic and sometimes orchestral, productions.  Her expressive voice and expansive vocal range are emotive and mesmerizing in equal measures.  Influenced by Kate Bush, Billie Eilish and Chopin, her songs are described as 'pieces of sonic art' by hit songwriter Mark Cawley, and as 'music that is absolutely incredible' by James Threlfall, BBC Radio Presenter.

After achieving her honours degree in music from the University of Cardiff, winning the prestigious University Composition Award for her symphonic movement and piano quartet, she returned to her first love as a singer songwriter whilst simultaneously discovering a second love - teaching.  She has been Head of Music in several schools both in the UK and international schools in Asia and is renowned for her expertise in early years music education, choral teaching and pre university composition.  She has been awarded an MA in Educational Management and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Bath.  She has also been Head of an International School in Thailand, which was owned by the world-wide education group Cognita, where she set in place professional development schemes for teaching and support staff, such as mentoring and training, across all the schools in Thailand.   

In addition to her singer songwriter music, she has written two albums of inspirational, eclectic children’s songs for primary age students. One magical component that J Edna Mae discovered in children's music, was the joy that children feel when they hear other children sing!  So, she has always invited young performers to join her in singing the songs she writes for children.  ‘Bounce!’  is an album of songs meant to enhance their sense of self belief, well-being and feelings of empowerment and they grew out of her doctoral research with children who were presenting with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. ‘Glitter is Litter!’ is a collection of songs designed to encourage a love and appreciation of our environment.  All songs have been carefully written for use in inclusive educational settings, utilizing music and movement to enhance overall enjoyment and participation as well as vocal development.

J Edna Mae is honoured to have been chosen as a mentor in the 2023 ECSA-AEC (ECSA: European Composer and Songwriter Alliance; AEC: Association Europeene des Conservatoires) Mentorship Programme.  The European Union funded programme aims to serve as an introduction to the music industry for young female (identifying) composers and songwriters who are in the starting phase of their careers, with the help of role models and with the ultimate goal of enhancing gender equality within the sector.   J Edna Mae is used to mentoring young songwriters in the community, having recently written a collection of Pinoy Pop (sung in English and Tagalog, the official Philippine language) with a Welsh Filipino art student Will Fernandez, which is now signed to synch agents in Nashville.

Signed to several boutique synch agencies, J Edna Mae has written 4 EP’s and 2 full length albums to date.  She is currently putting the finishing touches to her forthcoming EP release on April 21st, ‘Waves’, which will be her fifth EP.  Returning to her stripped back roots, this EP is a collection of 4 assuring, stripped back, piano led tracks all firmly embedded in themes of assurance.  The title track ‘Waves’ serves as an anthem of love and hope and comes fresh off the heels of her epic single release ‘FEARLESS’, winner of New York Film Awards and Venice World Film Festival. 

Accolades to date include: Best Song New York International Film Festival 2022;  Josie Music Award 2022 Nomination for Best EP of the Year; Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nomination for Best Acoustic Song 2021; Best Song in the New York Film Festival 2020; IMA nomination for Best Song 2020; Best Singer Songwriter Hollywood Music and Media 2019;  Top 5 Great American Song Contest Winner 2019; Indie International Best Song Winner 2017; recipient of several Global Music Awards; Singer Universe.  She is steadily building a portfolio of syncs in film and tv.