Saturday, August 18, 2018

So delighted that my second EP WHITE NOISE is available for pre-order from today!!!  Really excited to share with you my favourite songs written over the last 12 months!!  This is a collection of 5 piano led songs with hints of world, folk, classical and pop.  I am so pleased and proud of the beautiful instrumentation choices on this EP, with the atmospheric Thai Khim, Balinese Gamelan, Cambodian Ching to name but a few. 

The main single from this collection was released on 08/08/18, A THOUSAND SUNS, and it has been a very lucky song for me, winning the 2017 Indie International Songwriting Contest and more recently, a nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, to be held in LA this November.  Click for a cheeky listen!! 

I really hope you like it!!  I would love any feedback!!  

Thanks as always to my amazing friend Tim Hamill at Sonic One Studios.

Have a listen