Bounce Release!

Friday, February 21, 2020

*****RELEASE DAY!!!****** My debut children's album 'BOUNCE!' in now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!!!!!  So that's ........SPOTIFY, APPLE, AMAZON etc.  Yay!!!  So happy to share it with you all!!!

Huge thanks and congratulations to my 2 wonderful boys, Josh and Luke Thomas, and to the cutest four year old ever, Ava Zeta Jones, for her singing on these fun pop and reggae songs.

Massive thanks to my genius friend Tim Hamill for his wonderful production, and amazing guitars and ukulele, and to Nerys Clarke for beautiful cello and to the Elite Kite Academy singers for their brilliant backing 'choral' vocals!!

You can purchase an MP3 download or CD on AMAZON if you follow this link:

You can also purchase a gorgeous digipak (which is a cross between a CD and an album showcase the beautiful art by Fernando Juarez) from my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Fantastic for schools, fantastic for families .... enjoy!!!!!