Music For Media

J Edna Mae also writes orchestral instrumentals suitable for film and tv projects, drawing her inspiration from the musical greats such as Stavinsky, Mussorgsky, Orff and Vaughn Williams.  She also draws on her previous experience as an orchestral violinist in the Cardiff University Orchestra and the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra, Wales.  She loves writing and producing music with powerful, emotive sounding vibes and pulse. Click below to hear a sample of some of her work.

Seize it!

A piano led piece, written to promote feelings of inspiration and motivation, 'Seize it!' conjures imagery of overcoming the odds, struggling and succeeding.  The rhythmic pulse is reminiscent of a human heartbeat, and the ethereal vocals add a sense of heavenly inspiration.

High Drama

Described as ‘very ‘Game of Thrones’, this is an epic piece with a huge explosive sense of musical movement through the pounding, clattering off beat rhythms. The gigantic orchestral sound combined with classical sounding choral vocals, use of silence and explosive electronic sounds combine to forge a thrilling musical ride.


As the name suggests, this happy piece is reminiscent of Coldplay piano meets U2 guitar!  Fantastic as a back drop for sport, it's constant driving beat ticks along brilliantly.


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