Childrens Music


J Edna Mae is a mum, traveller, music teacher, collector of stories and adventures!  She has travelled all over the world, wrestled with sharks, ridden elephants and written all sorts of music her whole life, but she especially loves to write and perform songs for children. 

A huge believer in the power of music and the joy it can bring to children's lives, J Edna Mae loves going into her hometown schools and libraries with her magic box of tricks, (puppets, parachutes and musical instruments) and speading joy to primary age children through music and movement.

In 'Bounce!', J Edna Mae is joined by her incredibly amazing children, who sing and rap fantastically!  This very special eclectic group of songs grew out of her Doctoral research on music and emotion and is aimed at chidlren ages 5 to 11 years old.  They are written for children and families to enjoy, and are super fun to sing and dance to but each song has a stong message which can help children negotiate the 21st Century demands of the world around them.  For example, in the song 'Bounce!' children learn about coping with cyber bullying by telling themselves 'I'm in charge of the way that I feel!'.  

'Bounce!' has already won a prestigious Global Music Award!  Endorsed by Professor Susan Hallam, MBE, J Edna Mae's creative approaches to teaching and writing music have been decribed as promoting learning, well being and creativity in children, especially those children who are presenting with social, emotional and behavioural difficuties. 

So enjoy the sugary pop, bounce to the reggae, twist through the 60's, laugh, smile and clap along with the folk pop, and sometimes find a quiet corner to listen to some gentle mandolin strumming.  

In July 2019 J Edna Mae is releasing her debut children's this space for more details!


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